DizzyFix The natural treatment for vertigo and dizziness

DizzyFIX: Natural Treatment for Vertigo and Dizziness due to BPPV

DizzyFIX is an effective and natural treatment for vertigo and dizziness due to BPPV. The DizzyFIX interactively guides you through a particle repositioning maneuver. This maneuver helps you treat the most common cause of vertigo called Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo or "BPPV". The maneuver cures vertigo and dizziness in 88% of patients with just 1 treatment.

In patients with BPPV, calcium crystals known as otoconia have dislodged and migrated into one of the fluid-filled semicircular canals. When you move your head, the otoconia cause abnormal fluid displacement making you experience an intense spinning dizziness called positional vertigo or positional dizziness.

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DizzyFIX: Natural Cure for Vertigo and Dizziness

How to Treat Vertigo and Dizziness using DizzyFIX

Treating vertigo and dizziness caused by BPPV is simple and effective with DizzyFIX. The DizzyFIX is a head-worn representation of the semicircular canals. It is filled with fluid containing a particle representing the otoconia associated with BPPV. The device works like a visual set of instructions.

You just move the green particle from one end of the device to the other by adjusting the angle of your head. The particle repositioning maneuver (which the DizzyFIX interactively guides you through) takes about 3 minutes and moves the otoconia particles back to where they belong. This immediately eliminates your vertigo.

Vestibular Apparatus

The semicircular canals are part of the vestibular apparatus. This is the organ in your inner ear which detects rotation. Otoconia particles interfere with this function.

People with BPPV typically have symptoms when looking up, rolling over in bed, or bending under things. BPPV treatment via the particle repositioning maneuver moves these particles out of these tubes. This condition affects roughly 10% of the population over 60. BPPV is likely under diagnosed and treatment is often attempted using medications instead of the much more effective particle-repositioning maneuver.

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DizzyFIX BPPV Treatment ~ Effective remedy for dizziness and vertigo due to BVVP

DizzyFIX Advantages

  • DizzyFIX is drug-free!
  • Guides you through the only approved BPPV treatment
  • Developed by physicians and specialists
  • Takes just 3 minutes to do the maneuver
  • The maneuver cures 88% of patients with just 1 treatment
  • Featured on The Doctors Show, Discovery Channel, Reader's Digest
  • Robust and portable. Take it with you on vacation for peace of mind
  • Convenient and easy to use at home
  • Lasts for years so it's there when you need it
  • Is forever reusable, yet costs the same as just one trip to the doctor
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • 1-year warranty on manufacturing
  • Save thousands over prescription vertigo treatment
  • Has helped thousands world-wide
  • Completely safe and effective
  • DizzyFIX can be used for either ear

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Does the DizzyFIX really work to remedy dizziness and vertigo caused by BPPV?

Two peer reviewed studies published in medical journals have been conducted involving both healthy volunteers and patients with BPPV. Results indicate that the DizzyFIX is an effective aid in performing the maneuver for BPPV treatment and that patients with BPPV were able to treat themselves 88% of the time using the DizzyFIX to guide them in performing the maneuver. The age of the patients ranged from 35 to 75 years.

Most users find immediate relief following a BPPV treatment maneuver as guided by the DizzyFIX. In most cases symptoms of BPPV should be immediately absent if the maneuver was conducted correctly. In some cases the maneuver may need to be repeated.