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BPPV Treatments

Epley Maneuvers and other BPPV Treatments

Often the first line treatment for dizziness is pharmaceuticals. However, medications have been shown to be largely ineffective with BPPV.

Particle repositioning maneuver (Epley Maneuver)

In 1992 Epley published his first report on the "canalith repositioning procedure" (CRP). This Epley Maneuver has since been modified and is commonly referred to as the Particle Repositioning maneuver. This maneuver is the standard of practice in the offices of many Otolaryngologists. Its success has been reported at around 82% with a single maneuver.

The DizzyFIX device is designed specifically to enable anybody to perform a correct particle-repositioning maneuver. The visual feedback from the device guides patients through the most effective treatment for BPPV. Since the maneuver can be conducted at home it can be repeated as often as necessary.

Semont Liberatory maneuver

In 1988, Semont and described the "Liberatory maneuver". Semont suspected that a series of rapid changes of head position freed and moved particles out of problematic areas of the ear into other areas of the ear where they could not cause dizziness. This maneuver is effective but difficult and cumbersome in elderly patients.

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