DizzyFix The natural treatment for vertigo and dizziness

DizzyFIX Cost

For an investment of between $140 and $170 USD (distributor prices vary by region and inclusion of shipping cost), the DizzyFIX will show you how to precisely perform the most effective treatment maneuver for BPPV. With DizzyFIX, you'll do it the right way... the first time. (In the USA, the price includes UPS Ground shipping within the continental USA).

The DizzyFIX costs about the same as prescription drugs that can only treat the symptoms of vertigo. The DizzyFIX is different. The particle repositioning maneuver treats the underlying cause, not just the symptoms.

Each year, tens of millions of patients are diagnosed with BPPV around the world at a cost of up to six hundred dollars in medical fees per person. This is a significant financial burden on individuals as well as on the health care industry. The DizzyFIX is a fraction of that cost.

Clinical trials have proven that the DizzyFIX helps you perform a particle reposition maneuver correctly. The maneuver is the only treatment that is effective for BPPV. You can use the DizzyFIX anywhere and anytime.

Package Includes

  • DizzyFIX device, mounting hat, instructional manual and DVD as well as a quick reference card
  • Try the DizzyFIX risk free for 30 days    (see Terms)
  • 1 year manufacturer's warrantee
  • Unlimited customer service and support

Join thousands of other people around the world and take back control over your BPPV.

"I am amazed at the number of individuals that suffer some form of vertigo.  I have suggested its use to several individuals. Thank you for your research and the DizzyFix."


"I wish to thank DizzyFix for providing me an effective cure for my condition... For whoever has such a symptom of veritigo, I would recommend them to try this inexpensive device."

Too Nam

"So simple and so effective."


"I would definitely recommend to sufferers.  A GREAT PRODUCT."


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