DizzyFix The natural treatment for vertigo and dizziness

How It Works: Teaching you to treat vertigo caused by BPPV

How do you treat vertigo?

The DizzyFIX teaches you how to treat the most common cause of vertigo (spinning dizziness) called BPPV (Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo).  DizzyFIX is a leading home remedy for Vertigo used to mimick the Epley maneuver.

In just a few minutes, this device guides you through the Epley maneuver which is a proven treatment for BPPV. Just follow the particle in the device to treat yourself at home!

The general objective of the DizzyFIX device is to visually guide the user though the particle repositioning maneuver (Epley maneuver) and achieve successful treatment of BPPV.

The device attaches to any common baseball hat (included with purchase). The device consists of a special tube filled with fluid. The device also contains a particle representing the otoconia found in the inner ear. The shape of the tube and the motion of the particle provide feedback as to the performance of the particle-repositioning maneuver. Simply put, guide the particle through the device and you will have treated your BPPV.

The device enables the user to repeat the maneuver as often as required. BPPV may be a chronic condition and up to 50% of people will experience relapse in their lifetime. The DizzyFIX teaches people how to treat recurrent episodes quickly and effectively.