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DizzyFIX Vertigo Cure

Does the DizzyFIX cure Vertigo?

The DizzyFIX teaches you how to treat an episode of Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (or BPPV). Currently the most common treatment for this kind of Vertigo is a special series of head maneuvers. The DizzyFIX guides users through these maneuvers. While the maneuver can cure Vertigo, the disease is chronic and may recur in up to 50% of people. Fortunately with the DizzyFIX, the maneuver can be repeated as needed. (See Bromwich, Parnes, Epley)

Does the DizzyFIX really work?

Yes. Two separate studies, one by Clearwater Clinical and one by ENT doctors at the University of Western Ontario, have been conducted involving both healthy volunteers and patients with BPPV. Results indicate that the DizzyFIX is an effective aid in performing the treatment maneuver for BPPV and that patients with BPPV were able to treat themselves 88% of the time using the device. The age of the patients ranged from 35 to 75 years. Only people with severe neck problems or very poor mobility were unable to complete the maneuver.
(See Bromwich, Parnes)

Do you have examples of real people who used DizzyFIX to cure their vertigo?

Yes. We have received numerous testimonials from people who have used our product as treatment for vertigo and dizziness caused by BPPV, with life-changing results. Go to our Testimonials page to read these real stories from real people found DizzyFIX worked as a cure for vertigo.

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